Concert Fundraiser held at Grow, Hackney

Just a fun update from us! On the 15th of August, a fundraiser was put together for our project!  As it turns out, Australian Blues musician, Somerset Barnard, loves the Comfort Project idea so much that he wanted to help us. He gathered a handful of musicians together (6 to be exact, including our own Lauren Lucille) at the community space and venue “Grow” in Hackney. They raised £360 and that includes a huge chunk given by Grow themselves!

Thanks to Grow and the staff, to the musicians for giving their time and to everyone who donated!



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We have felt the love and support of the community in enormous amounts over the past several weeks. So, publicly, we would like to thank the following people and groups. Please check out their websites (when applicable) and help to support them too!


Thank you, first off to Em – the creator of The Comfort Project. Your idea has inspired us and the community. Thank you for insighting this movement.

Shine Feedback
– For sponsering our Website!

For the donations drive, for the full week, we’d like to thank….

Artisan owners, Magda and Edwin
– For generously opening up their shops and allowing donations to be dropped off for a whole week, as well as agreeing to promote the project on their social media site.

Artisan Managers and Staff
– For speaking to customers, being open to discuss The Comfort Project during the week. Also, for all your own generous donations!

Artisan East Sheen Manager, Madeleine
– For arranging some incredible donations for our raffle!

Artisan Customers and the Community of South West London
– For all the incredible donations! We are truly blown away by how much people have given toward our little project.

Oh, Darling! Boutique, East Sheen
– For the spontaneously given and splendid raffle prize!

Emma Story
– For driving to all four Artisan shops dropping off donation baskets, and for putting up with piles of donations in your dining room!

Kevin Westbury
– For driving to all dour Artisan shops and picking up donation baskets.

The Basement Door
– For promoting us during their young persons live music event and collecting donations and funding.


For the Fundraiser Event:

Blass Design
– For sponsering the Sound System

Musicians who donated their time and beautiful music:
– Steve O’Neil
Russell Swallow
Laine Hines
Joe Traxler
Giuseppe Nieddu
Lauren Lucille

Jools Constant
– For Hosting the event. You did an amazing job. Thank you so much!

Sarah Lister
– For taking photos and the graphic design work.

Molly Sullivan
– For manning the front door!

Agota Benedek
– For supplying the especially blended tea infusions for the raffle.

Broadway London
– For hosting our event. It’s such a beautiful space!

The beautiful women who offered photos of their work while they were/are in the darkest of places.
– Thank you for being open and vulnerable to share these with us. It helps bring understanding to those who have never experienced mental illness.

Everyone who came to the event! Thank you for your donations, your time, and for coming and support the Project!

And a very special thanks to Katie Thompson and Lauren Lucille. If it wasn’t for these two, none of this would have happened. So thank you, thank you, thank you!



The Comfort Project Launch – First batch of Photos

Friday night, the 12th of May, was our launch and it was great fun! We had a full line up of amazing musicians. The location was beautiful. Our MC was wonderful. And the generosity was immense. We will be sharing more photos as they come available, but here are a few for the time being. If you’d like to see some of the performances, there are live videos from the night on our facebook. Go have a look! 🙂








More photos to come! And more announcements as we receive the donations total and when plans for the future of The Comfort Project are made. Stay tuned!


Generosity is Real

Yesterday was the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week and the beginning of our Donations Drive!

As a final push to get the word out, we wandered the streets of the tiny community of East Sheen, handing out what was left of our flyers. We were able to share with local businesses what we are about and how we are trying to make a small difference in the lives of people who have lost all hope.

IMG_4192.JPGWithin a few hours of launching our first ever donations drive, our basket is already full!

The generosity and eagerness was so encouraging to see! One shop offered to put our flyers in all their customers’ bags, another encouraged us to contact their owners for future support, and another offered a raffle prize for Friday’s event without even being asked!

It’s amazing to come to realise how many people this affects. While talking to a shop worker yesterday, they were moved to tears just by the thought of these people having nothing – but we can (and are!) do something about it!

Thank you to everyone who’s already donated! We are so encouraged and can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes!